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Ethnomedico.com is an attempt to provide information about specific topics within the wide subject of ethnomedicine. This website is maintained by biologists, and we emphasise that there is no claim for completeness regarding the contents. It is rather the aim of Ethnomedico.com to create a platform for people with an interest in this subject to meet, discuss and develop more detailed coverage of the many topics relevant for a world of healing.

Ethno medicine: TCM, Ayurveda & more

It is the clear aim of Ethnomedico.com to explain complex issues of ethnologically inspired medicine and traditional treatments in simple terms. For readers with an interest beyond that, we refer to academic sources, books and journals. Since ethnomedicine is a multidisciplinary subject covering aspects of sociology, biology and medicine embraced by a cultural frame, we decided to divide our main areas of interest according to the countries or regions where they originate from.

Our key-topics are India with Ayurveda and Yoga; Tibet with Traditional Tibetan Medicine (TTM) and local specifics in Buddhist believes; and China with the widely discussed Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Taijiquan and Qigong. Other areas of interest will be medical traditions of Europe and the America. For the time being, we have to constrain ourselves to Asia, but we hope to add further articles in the future.

Getting Involved

If you are interested in getting involved with Ethnomedico.com, please get in touch with us by e-mail! We are always interested in high-quality articles about interesting books, treatments or pharmacological substances.

Support Statement

We support scientific publications with open access policy, such as the Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine or the BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine. We support a critical evaluation of traditional treatments and testing them sceptically by modern, scientific means. We also encourage our own readers to both scepticism and openness.

Legal Disclaimer

This website was not set up for ill people who are looking for treatment online. If this applies to you, please seek advice from a medical doctor. In case you specifically look for traditional or herbal treatment, you might want to look for doctors with supplementary training in a specific area of ethnomedicine. This website does not provide information on hallucigenic or recreational drugs and illegal substances. The information it provides was gathered with much care; however, we cannot guarantee that it is fully accurate or free of mistakes. If you find mistakes, we would be glad to hear about them!

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